What We Learned At Upris3

Recently, we went to Uprise Festival in Amsterdam. We've been to Uprise before, but this time around there was a different venue, and a slightly changed concept of the event in general.

Here's how it looked:

Uprise is held for start-ups that want to connect with people looking for jobs, investors or new customers. Everybody gets a stand, complete with a sign with a short pitch on it.

We filled our stand with flyers
and laptops to show what we've made, waiting for people to walk by and get into conversations.

Basically what you do in those conversations as a start-up is to sell yourself. It doesn't matter if that's to a possible recruit, a customer or investor. Everyone wants to know what you do and what makes you special.

This year a whole bunch of us decided to see what Uprise will bring this year. So here are the lessons learned and points to take home after this round:

Marcel (Developer / Secret Sales Rep):

Last year I noticed that to sell your software as a developer you have find the right tone and pitch. You have to feel what part of your story sticks and find out what the listener may be looking for in your software. You keep the good parts of your pitch and loose the stuff that doesn't resonate.

By selling your product as a developer you also learn what gets people into your app and what keeps them there. We used our experience of last year's Uprise to rewrite our entire landing page.

You also learn how people experience your product at first sight - and what their big concerns are before even trying it.


There was a great session about growth hacking. The biggest takeaways were:

  • To be a growth hacker is to constantly optimize and get better at everything combined with an extreme willingness to learn and experiment.
  • Look at what the competition is not doing.
  • Only start a/b testing when you are at 80%. Before that you should just fix stuff.

And the 3 biggest risks

Big risks here are:

  • Falling in love with your own product.
  • Claiming something is common sense.
  • Being afraid to measure things

Afterwards, I decided to take matters into my own hands and immediately collected my notes into this shared space.

Post Uprise

We met some enthusiastic people and we hope to maintain the connection after the festival. We appreciate all of the feedback and thought, whether it was sales, development or growth hack related. See you all soon!