Why we should have used Intercom a lot sooner

Within LearningSpaces we think it’s really important for people to contact us. For a long time we’ve only used Helpful for this and we gave it a good place in our UI. Since we’ve released Helpful in our app there were a lot of messages from our customers with feature request, questions on how to use the product, and bug reports. It helped us to understand what issues were helpful for our audience and what not.

After that we continued to look at how we can improve our customer support and we found Intercom. Intercom offers to help with observing costumers, acquiring, engaging, learning, and with support. Of this list we use engaging with the basic plan, support with the pro plan and observe which is still free because it arrived in beta. We only let the admins and team owners in Intercom because of the pricing (for the support with the pro plan) all other users are still served by Helpful.

Why intercom next to helpful? We already had a product that helped us supporting customers, why a new one that costs money?

Helpful works mostly email based, customers send us a message through the app and we respond by email. With Intercom a user sends us a message and we reply in chat with that customer, this helps to respond faster, even with just a hello and the customer knows that we are on our way to help them. Our median response time is below 4 minutes and our customers praise us for that.

Intercom gives us the possibility to make announcements about what we think is important or good to know in our app. It doesn’t have to be all over the screen but there will be a little notification with our message to which the customer can respond directly.

There are stats in the Intercom app that gives us a good idea of how active the customers are. Based on these stats we send mails to them for coming back to the app, to add more spaces, chapters or paths. We use it also to send mails to notify users how far they are in there trial.

Auto in app messages and mails

We’re really happy with Intercom but when we started we had a hard time to get going. For us the interface of the app was hard to understand in the beginning. We didn’t know how to get to our settings or to the documentation we read minutes ago. The other thing we’re not really happy about is that not all of our users are in the app because of the extra costs, and thats left for consideration for now.

All in all we’re really happy with it and feel that we should have implemented it a lot sooner. It was always in the backlog to do it sometime in the future, but using it made us understand that we couldn’t have begon too early with it.