What We've Been Making the Past Weeks

In between attending Zukunft HR (coverage on Twitter), going to Fronteers, and running the 4 Mijl, we have secretly also worked on some awesome new features to make LearningSpaces the social platform we envision it to be.

So what's new?

1. Fine-grained and realtime insights into what's happening through the activity feed.

Because we don't like reports but we do believe that it's important to know what your peers are doing on LearningSpaces. You'll know something relevant happened when this icon lights up:

New Notifications

If you click on it you'll see a list of recent activities.


2. Commenting on Chapters

Spotted a mistake in a colleague's Space? Want to ask a question about something you don't quite understand? Or maybe you just want to share how you applied your new skills in real life.

Behold commenting on Chapters:

Commenting on chapters

Yep, Jurre is that kind of guy...

3. Sharing is Caring

Know someone that might be interested in your Space? Invite them to join your community!

Invite them!

They'll receive a nice e-mail with a personal touch:

Invitation email

Want to share your space with the public and allow anyone to view it? Just click share and use the unique link!

Sharing is Caring

4. A Little Bit Of Awesomeness

Since Matthijs made this awesome animated loading indicator out of our logo, we find ourselves in the awkward position of complaining that our application isn't slow enough...

See the Pen LearningSpaces logo (CSS) by Matthijs Kuiper (@snap) on CodePen.

So What's Next?

For the next couple of weeks we'll focus on creating and taking Quizzes, Assignments and Rich Content™. And we always have some time reserved for technical enhancements, UX design, and fun stuff.

Although that last one will probably be spent on playing Unreal Tournament 1999 with the Oculus Rift.

Questions or comments? Get in touch on Twitter or send an email to hugo@learningspaces.io.


I'm a 29-year old concept developer, product manager and wannabe designer. My favorite colors are green and gray. I love buying and playing records and music gear, starting bands, and word-play.