What is LearningSpaces and why are we building it?

Let's get right to the point: LearningSpaces is our fun and simple-to-use platform that enables informal learning and knowledge sharing in organizations. It's time to challenge the old paradigm of the top-down, bottom-heavy learning and to allow anybody to share and access the knowledge and experience they want, in ways they are already familiar with.

I guess the first moment I realized that something had to change was when I was a Teaching Assistant for a third-year course for Sociology students. The professor put a lot of effort in making the class a great success: we had short presentations in tutorial groups, student-moderated discussions, mandatory graded essays with lots of feedback, etc. In my second year the number of enrolments doubled (it was an elective course). Reviewing all the papers became a full-time job.

The interesting thing was, the students wanted more. They wanted to read each other's submissions, continue discussions after class, and share links to articles they found. And instead of looking at the University LMS (Blackboard), they went to Facebook and made a group.

I remember awkwardly joining that group.

Fast-forward a couple of years of working in software development.

We have been working on LearningSpaces prototypes for a while, and now we are working hard towards our launch december 1st.

Having such a clear goal works extremely motivating. But even better is having some people already secretly using our app while it's in beta. For example, a small group of General Medicine residents have started to collect their internal talks in LearningSpaces:

Learning Spaces Screenshot

A small group of General Medicine residents have started to collect their internal talks in LearningSpaces.

Should your team or organization also be part of our beta? Get in touch via Twitter.


I'm a 29-year old concept developer, product manager and wannabe designer. My favorite colors are green and gray. I love buying and playing records and music gear, starting bands, and word-play.