Tips and Apps for your Work-Life Balance

I’m a working mom with a high energy toddler, a needy cat and a busy partner. Balancing your life as a business woman, a loving mom and partner while maintaining an active social life can be pretty difficult. Sometimes it might feel like everybody is pulling you in a different direction, while you are trying to keep calm and focus. On other days you find yourself having too much time and not knowing what to do. Just joking. That never happens.

But here are some tricks and apps that help me deal:

Work hard play hard

I never said it gonna be easy, but if you want to be a power mom/ worker/ human being, you need indeed energy and lots of it. So don’t give in to tiredness and laziness. Your little one is in bed and your partner doesn’t mind to stay at home, go for it. You can get a babysitter, go for it. You have awesome parents/parents-in-law, go for it. An hour of free time a day keeps insanity away! Its for the greater good of everybody around you ;)

But of course all of this means great organizational skills. Knowing what needs to be done and when. To organize my different lives I like to use Trello. The cool thing is its super easy to use and you can have different projects with a bunch of boards to get a perfect overview of your busy life (well sort of… haha). I have a project for each aspect of my life (whether its business, social or home stuff). So one project is e.g. LearningSpaces with a bunch of boards on e.g. development, sales and marketing. Each board has cards with a bunch of ToDos or stuff you are busy with (or whatever you want to organize). So you can keep everything perfectly organized in one place!

Just do it

Everybody always talks about planning and making time. I say ‘just do it’. Organize your To Dos, make a list (if you don’t already have one), and then DO them. Don’t think ‘I’ll finish that tomorrow’. Finish it today. Don’t set certain things aside. DO them now. Be your own drill master. And at the end of the day you can look at your list and think ‘Yes! I did it’ (even if it was just one thing).

For a quick and simple ToDo list, I recommend Wunderlist. Just write down what you have to do for the day or the week, set a deadline, and DO it. And in the end when you tick it off the ever so rewarding ‘ping’ is already enough for a good start in the evening. Done for the day ‘ping’ ‘Ping’ ‘PING’!!

Don’t worry be happy

Of course we all want to be perfect… It stinks if something goes wrong, but sometimes you just have to let go. The more you stress about things, the harder it gets to shut off and be in the moment you are suppose to be in. You didn’t finish writing a proposition at work, your little one was sick, your cat is not potty trained yet? There is nothing you can do about it with pure willpower. Try to leave work at work and personal stuff at home (not including chitchat with co-workers about how great your kid is doing and that she must be a genius ;)

My app recommendation: don’t use them. Don’t check your social apps at work and especially don’t use your work apps at home, including your work email! And yes, that is a hard one and I’m not particularly good at it myself, but at least try to reduce it to a bare minimum and be in the moment!

Location location location

This one is for all the dreamers among us. If you work in a sunny country at the beach while sipping gin tonics, great, but for those of us that work at an office day in day out staring at the rain outside: Break monotony! Take the bike to work, work standing up, take a walk during lunch, change office… anything to switch it up! Ideally you have an employer that encourages that with flexible work time or special lunches.

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If you need any help with balancing the way you learn, don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter or just head to LearningSpaces and get a free trial!