The LearningSpaces career shift challenge

Everyone is learning online these days. Often without calling it as such. You've probably learned to play song on guitar via Youtube or learned how to make the perfect phad thai. But when it comes to learning a profession we often have the feeling we need to enroll in classical courses costing thousands of euro's.

We'll prove this wrong.

The challenge

The setup is pretty simple:

Bram will reeducate from a musician to a front-end developer by just learning online.

His (and our) goal is to land him a job in his new profession within a few months. Not with us but somewhere else.

We will point out the right resources, answer questions and do some peer reviewing. For the rest he is on his own.

Why we are doing this

We want to emphasize how easy it is to learn online. And what great impact it can have on peoples career development.

Of course online learning, peer reviewing and mentoring are all things we want to facilitate with LearningSpaces eventually. With Bram we get a chance to examine the needs from real close.

LearningSpaces is about learning and sharing your knowledge. By sharing knowledge during his learning process, Bram will make his progress and acquired skills very visible to potential employers.

So much opportunities in tech

This morning I talked with Marja Doedens from Wowww, another local web company. She's active in de Noordelijke Online Ondernemers (Northern Online Entrepeneurs). Together they have a lot of open positions and a hard time finding a good mix of people with the right skills.

If we can't find them, we'll make them

And it turns out the right skills are often not acquired in college but by doing or online. That's why we're confident that once Bram is up to speed, a lot of companies will be looking for him.

What will you learn?

We hope to inspire many people to keep on learning and shape their own careers. And to inspire companies to create and enable their own diverse and skilled workforce of the future.

To help each other succeed follow Bram on Twitter. Comment on his blogs. Are you in webdevelopment? Tell him what you think he should learn. Share places where he could apply.

Also we are very interested in similar stories. We know that StormMC is reeducating a journalist to an online marketeer. Barbershop De Zwarte Raaf trained four employees without prior experience on the job.

Let us know on Twitter.