The Berlin Hub, way too late

Guess what... A member from the LearningSpaces team was cordially invited for the HUB Conference on December 10th last year. This was of course an awesome opportunity to meet fellow startups and innovators! I was excited in particular, since I was the one who got to go to this great event.

Me arriving the night before!

Left Groningen, one of the most beautiful towns around 5pm and arrived to Berlin around 11pm the night before. In Germany most things are done well and in organised manner. Grundlich Punktlich. Train rides on time, beer and cool people in the streets. I decided to take it easy, have a small beer and go to bed early that day to be fresh for the HUB Conference.


08.11 arriving at the HUB. Breakfast was awesome. I had a nice chat with a manager from Ricoh! Nice guy, and apparently it's a thing to wear a black suit in the startup playground in Germany!

09.00 Opening of the day by Thorsten Dirks president of the founders of HUB, Bitkom.

The rest of the day

Then the day started. Kind of speed rush crashcourse of everything that's going on that day. A confirmation of everything that you've read before the conference, with a little more in-depth info from the experts on the subject. It was like a live-reading of summaries on innovative studies. To be honest, it was nice. But if you're on top of your reading, you won't hear anything new or groundbreaking. Though I would still recommend to visit HUB industry, since it can be a nice experience.

The thing that surprised me was Kodak's innovative spirit. In many presentations the digital world has been praised and called innovative compared to the analog world. The later has been portraited as a slow, nonconfirming world, which is unwilling to change and in the end is going to lose to digital world. But hey guys, Kodak is making 1.2 Billion revenue in 2015, and it will be even more this year. Not all old companies die in the end!