Seminar: Our short thank you note

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us… We hosted our first seminar! 

We would like to thank all of those who support or visited LearningSpaces, and tried our knowledge sharing platform. All of you inspire us to work the way we do: awesome and innovational. We are happy to have had an opportunity to exchange ideas about informal learning and knowledge sharing.

What is more, we are proud that we managed to design an online platform which can connect all of the generations, from Baby Boomers to generation Y representatives, and allow them to communicate and pass on their mastery. 

Of course, the seminar wouldn’t have been complete without two very influential speakers: Ronald van Rheenen, a Nuclear Medicine Physician who uses LearningSpaces himself, and Michael Hebben who maybe gave the best advice to everyone: “Don’t be aftraid to take a leap, and implement informal learning into your organisational culture. You can start small and move forward whenever you feel comfortable with it”.

Yet again, we would like to thank everyone who visited us, and supports us, thank you to all of the followers who are helping to spread the word about LearningSpaces. 

Positive vibes, don’t be afraid of something new and #LearnAwesome,

LearningSpaces Team

Don't Forget To Be Awesome