See you at the Uprise

Finally, a bunch of likeminded people are uniting during The Uprise Festival. And guess what, LearningSpaces are joining! 

We can’t wait to meet some great start-ups like: 

WebinarGeek: love webinars? Well this is a tool is for you! Created by a bunch of webinar enthusiast, what means that you will have only the best experience while learning with them.

Learning Stone: if you are a trainer or a coach it is a must to check it out! Learning Stone is used in agencies, companies, and institutions by training or coaching professionals who need to support blended training or coaching. 

Springest: the platform will help you to filter and compare training programmes and courses. But wait, it provides some articles and tests about training, career and personal development as well! 

For all of the development and learning junkies these start-ups are a must visit!

LearningSpaces at the Uprise:

We will be showing how to have fun while learning and sharing knowledge between peers! Stop by and have a chat with us about integration of blended learning in your working environment