Productivity after the Holidays

The Holiday season... All of us know what it means: unending dinner parties, Christmas madness, preparation for New Years eve etc. It seems that we are all rushing and being productive, but are we though? To be fair, I haven't done much self-development or any development in general, Just because I lost my mojo during the holiday season. Let me tell you, getting it back is difficult but possible! We just need to start mixing and combining rest with work.

My secret: productivity does not equal the quality, so dip your toes in self-inspiration first!

Stay tuned

Most of the people say that disconnecting and recharging is the answer to the search of productivity. To be honest, if I disconnect it becomes difficult to gravitate back to work. Because of this reason, I try to read a couple of blogpost a day which are related to my work and what I do. It can vary from inspirational blogs on social marketing to recipes for successful daily routines, or even some useful info on my colleague work. What is more, don't forget to stay tuned and communicate, or at least read the communication between your peers. Try to understand what they are working on, it might inspire you, and you will easily jump back to your working environment and routines.

Getting it back

Feel it? After catching up with your peers you start feeling the kick of reality. From this point on it becomes easy to create an action plan. Prioritise your To-Do list, even if you still feel as if lacking behind, continue performing your tasks on a slower pace. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you can objectively reflect on what needs to be done asap. If this doesn't work, boost your self-confidence and productivity with favourite hype songs (mine is this one) it always works for me!

Staying on top of the game

Don't forget that your (as well as mine) productivity mojo is fragile, it needs nourishing. It is helpful to proceed with staying up to date on all fronts: reading and listening to whatever interests you, learning and communicating with your peers, sometimes distancing yourself from your work and looking at it through a different perspective. My advice: have the right apps to stay tuned, everything becomes fun and easy. E.g. I love HipChat, Intercom, Medium, FaceTime, Twitter and many more.

In the end, don't rush into work when you know you can't perform as well. Try to provide the quality not quantity. Productivity and creativity has to work hand in hand. To get it all back you must know:

Listening is vital, asking is a must and sharing rounds it all up.

So turn on your hype song and stay productive after holidays! Don't forget to share your thoughts on getting it all back after holidays!