Preview awesome links in your Space

As you may know we use Markdown for showing content in Chapters. In Markdown you can render basically any web content but the key is to make it easy for you. So now you can just paste a link and a preview will be rendered!

Wait what?

Yes you can create a preview object from a whitelisted url. For example, I want to share a news article from my favourite tech site, The Verge. I'm writing a Chapter about Mars. Before you would see this:
With the new onebox functionality i write the same thing but the url is transformed like this:
It renders a preview from the actual article and still links to it.
You can also put in a Wikipedia article:
Or a Youtube video:
And also images from for example

And many more websites are supported. For a full list go here (this can be updated later):
(if you pasted this on LearningSpaces you'd see the actual content of the gist here!)

Basically we can add a preview for any website!