Motivation to Learn (Let’s share!)

Once upon a time when top-down management structure didn’t exist there was a company where people were working like a well oiled machine. In the companies' building the rooms were big, without any walls so people could communicate and exchange their knowledge very easily. The information was just one chat away and everyone was allowed to learn from their CEO, managers and their peers. 

But suddenly, things started changing. Like a great storm top-down management tools emerged and the companies organizational behavior inevitably had to change. Everyone understood that it will save lots of time and that communication between each other will become easier than ever before. But did it actually change for the better? 

These days there are so many learning management and communication tools that should make our life easier, but do they actually serve our interests? 

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about how annoying it is to login to one site, for example university Blackboard, check the information there, then go to Facebook, create a group so I could discuss the material with my peers. Of course, for some of them some pieces of information might seem irrelevant, so I create a WhatsApp chat for my subgroup and finally I can start discussing about the information that I’ve found on Blackboard. 

It was probably as annoying to read about this process, as it is irritating to me to make this circle of sharing knowledge every time. 

And now I suddenly understood that after all of this effort I just don’t have any motivation to learn with or from my peers. This way of ‘online’ learning is extremely time consuming and stressful.

Should knowledge sharing be so exhausting? The answer is: Of course NOT!

What we need is a systems in which information is easy to reach, easy to share, where we can easily ask and comment, upload our files and get feedback! Whether you are in a small study group or working in a big organization, limited by the walls of your cubicle, right now 200 clicks away from asking your first question about something you found somewhere in your companies' learning management (or whatever) system. 

The ‘online’ learning process shouldn't make people become exhausted and insecure. It is easy to say: “if you login here, you will find the documents, then login to the other site, for questions, and you will find our answers if your login there”. But, wouldn’t it be easier to just actually do it all in one place without walls and limitations?

LearningSpaces screenshot

That is why I like working with LearningSpaces. We share, there are no limits! You can be a teacher as well as a student. Just learn and let learn. Everyone is equal, you can comment and ask, upload and share useful files, pictures or videos. Just follow interesting topics, communicate, learn, take a quiz or do an assignment! It becomes easier to work with your colleagues when you know that each of them is just one click away.

Let me explain why we decided to make everyones life easier by making LearningSpaces .

With the help of the internet, the world became more interconnected. Information became very easy to find and now everyone has the possibility to train themselves. The problem is, we are so involved with ourselves that we forget that sometimes it is easier when we just help each other. Top-down management made us more reluctant to exchanging information and internal learning. But let's admit that it saves a lot of time and nerves when someone can help you understand the material, especially when you can find it all in one place.

That is what LearningSpaces helps you with. It is a place where you can create the information you want to share or learn from your peers and colleagues. A place where you can easily find and ask for some help and interact with others. Communication becomes smooth and fun because everything is in one space (And yes there is a fun part!).

Chapters in LearningSpaces

Let me give you an example: you are a sales person of a software company, imagine how much easier it would be to work if you would understand some technical aspects of the product. You would not only become a better sales person because you have lots of insight but you gain basic knowledge of how your competitors product was built so you can strenghten your arguments of why the thing you offer is better than others.

Learning can be pretty boring (to everyone), but believe me there is a fun part of it as well! LearningSpaces gamifies your learning process. Take a quiz, see how much you scored and get on the top of the score board! Get a virtual trophy for being a super user or follow your own learning path! And don't forget to be proud of yourself and be awesome!

All in all, there is always more motivation to learning when you feel the support from your peers. Of course, you feel even more motivated when you know that you don't have to open 100 windows on your screen so you could ask one question. LearningSpaces will make your organizations internal learning process more social and fun, it won't be time consuming or difficult to understand anymore.

It doesn't matter that once upon a time top-down management with its perfect order destroyed easy learning and communication in the company. What matters is that companies that understand that going back to basic, social and fun ways of learning lived happily ever after.