Let's TedTalk Learning

Woah! Recently I had an opportunity to be a part of an awesome event in my vibrant city Groningen. Some of you might already know, Groningen is one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands. What means, that everything here is uber fun, innovative and rapidly changing all the time. And my previous words can only partially describe how cool TedxGroningen event was. Thank you TedxGroningen team for your great contribution to the change and promotion of self-development in Groningen.

Event madness

The door of the event opened at 12.30, and from that moment on you could feel that everyone is eager to communicate, meet new people, network and share their ideas. No wonder why TedxGroningen crew offered NOM matching option (btw, props Ted team, these connections will last after the event).

Session 1

First part of the event wasn't very informative, probably because it was meant to inspire us. Thanks to Broca Borthers for sharing their story on stuttering and connecting it to a general idea of self-expression without any boundaries. Sustainability advisor Dana Petrovic explained the importance of our house plants and evolutionary biologist Jordi van Gestel proved us that bacterias can form organisations and make gamble based decisions. Cool right? But the speech that moved me the most and matched with LearningSpaces ideas on learning was presented by improv jazz and all round musician Tollak Ollestad.

Learning how to do things, while becoming what you know!

Sounds rather complicated, but I think it means endless learning process, where learning something new doesn't have to be a struggle. Knowledge can be obtained through a prism of your choice and interest.

Session 2

The second part was event better than the first! It was a cup of tea for those, who came to TedxGroningen to hear and learn something new! Smell historian Caro Verbeek walked us through the art of smell and it's impact on our identity and memory (maybe we would learn better if we'd combine all of the senses?). Afterwards, the Broken Brass Ensemble made dancing possible during midday (super fun workout, we do it at the office all the time, you should try it too).

The event ended on a great note, literally! Arts and science enthusiast, composer and life-long learner, unconventional genius Milton Mermikides shared his story on combining hard science and arts in oder to create music! And that's what learning is about - combining different knowledge bundles, asking questions and getting the answers!

We can't wait until the next event, TedxGroningen crew! Now - off to the Uprise Festival, see you there!

P.S. want some useful procrastination? Enjoy: