Great start at Uprise Festival

We had to wake up super early, but it was worth it. Our team wants to compliment everyone for their enthusiasm and support! After all, we were looking for some enthusiastic people who would like to start their learning community on LearningSpaces.

Thank you Team Uprise for a great and colourful stand and friendly neighbours.


Thanks to every one who came to have a chat with us. We got some great feedback and awesome discussions about learning for teams. Our favourite one: Does LearningSpaces work in China?

To sum up today:

  • Ripped trousers during pingpong matches: 1
  • Startups met: 50+
  • Compliments about our app's design and simplicity: more than enough to keep our design team happy
  • New learning communities created: (a lot)
  • # of LearningSpaces mints - too many

So stop by tomorrow at our stand (we're at D9), share your ideas and thoughts on startup or corporate life. Let's make an online world better place to learn!

More pictures from the Uprise:

Hugo's trousers after an intense pingpong match

Guys from the 5milesHQ

Fun talks with German startup Incubators