For Those Who Didn't Attend our Launchparty

What's new since our last development update?

(for those of you that didn't attend our launchparty)

1. Quizzes and Assignments

We've added the possibility to create assignment and quiz chapters for your spaces. A quiz is a simple computer-graded multiple choice test - great for assessing your follower's knowledge before and after following your space!

We've put a lot of effort in keeping the flow to create a quiz as simple as possible. Adding a quiz to your space should be a matter of seconds!
Making a Quiz

In line with our vision of an open learning environment users are allowed to take a quiz as often as they want - while keeping their best result. And of course, after completing a quiz, anybody can comment on it.

Quiz Result

Assignment chapters are freeform and graded by the space owner. Users can submit their answers in markdown and upload files or images or use links and embeds.

Space owners will be notified when there is a new submission to review. They can comment on the submission, and mark it as approved, which will complete te chapter for the user.

Assignment Submissions

2. User Profiles

Every LearningSpaces user now has their own profile, with a short bio, profile pic, latest activity and overview of their Spaces.
User Profile

3. Power Users

See that little trophy on my profile? That means I'm a Power User! LearningSpaces users earn reputation for creating Spaces and Chapters, and also for completing other people's Chapters. But most of all you will be rewarded when other people follow, interact with and complete your content!

We hope this will help reward knowledge sharing and make the best spaces automatically stand out. And most likely, in the future, Power Users will become curators and protect content quality :).

As soon as you are a Power User, your trophy will show on all your Spaces:
Power User Space

4. A little bit of awesomeness

Like last time, we've worked on some not-so-useful but definitely awesome things, like showing the dominant color of a Space's header image when loading:
awesome space colors Cool, right?

Next up: Paths, the Space Wall, Drafts, Collaboration, Team Settings and more!


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