Create a Support Video for Your App Using QuickTime and Fiverr

As you may have read before, we are using Helpful for customer support. Through Helpful, every single LearningSpaces user is one click away from our support team - which would be all of us.

A couple of recurring questions got us thinking about onboarding new users. How can we help new users understand what LearningSpaces is and how it works?

One of the solutions that came up was to create short explanatory videos for the most important views and features, and prompt new users to watch them.

But before spending a week on writing scripts, recording screen captures and dubbing voice-overs, we decided - as usual - to start with a quick prototype.

We wrote a 150-word script about the Spaces overview, got someone on Fiverr to record a voice-over for under 20$, and then used Quicktime and iMovie (both ship with OSX) for the screencapture and editing.

You can watch the result here:

Pretty cool right? Not bad for about 2 hours of work and 15$. And a great way to start testing if support videos can help the onboarding process.

The Screencapture:

  1. Start QuickTime (and don't open a video in that annoying dialog)
  2. Press CTRL+CMD+N (or File > New Screen Recording)
  3. Select an area to record or go fullscreen.
  4. Record (I recorded to the voice-over so I needed 3 tries).
  5. Save, import in iMovie and match the timing with your voice over.
  6. Export and share!
    Bonus: go to System Preferences > Accessibility on your Mac, select Zoom and tick Enable keyboard shortcuts to zoom. The default shortcut is cmd+alt+8 - this will zoom in on the position of your cursor. You can put this to great use when highlighting specific features of your application.


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