A different perspective: Do we actually need all this technology?


The alarm on my iPhone rings and I have to get up, start the day.


I am checking the mail on my iPhone, is there anything new? The newspaper newsletters arriving in the morning will tell me everything I need to know about what's new in world. The weather app shows me whether I'll have to dress rain proof for my bike trip to work. Have I gotten a message from a friend? I'll quickly check it on WhatsApp.


At work I'll turn on my MacBook, first thing I'll do is checking and replying my emails.


What does the agenda of today look like? Let's have a look at OutlookOffice365. Don't forget to open HipChat so communication with collegues will flow. Also LearningSpaces has to be opened so I can use others' knowledge and make it my own. Yammer shows me what my collegues are up to and makes me stay in the loop.


At lunch I'll quickly check WhatsApp again. Are the dinner plans with a friend tonight still on? After a quick table football game it's time to go back to work.


Using One Drive and Google Docs collaboration with collegues goes easily. Also Twitter is handy to check once in a while.


We're trying out a new recipe that we found on my friend's smart phone while listening to music on Spotify.


Back home I am facetiming with my mum, checking facebook and WhatsApp to see what's new with my friends, and read maybe even answer my emails.


Time to go to bed, so resetting the alarm, maybe checking my agenda on my iPhone so I am ready for tomorrow.

So, do we actually need all this technology?

If you would have asked me that question 10 years ago, I'd probably have said "No". But in this fast-moving world I cannot imagine myself living a life without it anymore. For instance Facetime: It's such a great way to communicate, no limitation to audio but being able to see each other while talking is amazing. And cheap if you compare it to calling over the phone (as my mum lives in a different country than me). All this technology I described above is definitly simplifying things for me a lot. Am I glad that it exists, I wouldn't want to miss anything!